Bloomtime of rhododendrons; creating borders

When do rhododendrons flower?

Usually you will see indications like:
'early midseason', or
starting from April 10th

The first indication gives information, but not enough.
April 10th is definitely wrong.

There are of lot of crucial factors determining the bloomtime:
  • climate-zone; Vancouver Island differs from Finland
  • yearly variation in seasons; 'spring is early this year'
  • local circumstance in your garden; altitude, near a lake (=warmer in winter), guarded from wind
  • soil; sand, clay, acid, moist, dry, mulched...
  • sunlight; shade, full sun, partly shaded
  • ....
Why is bloomtime important?

It is not!
You just sit and wait until your rhododendrons are flowering and enjoy it.

Now some people want more: they want their rhododendron not to flower 4 or 5 weeks, they want 3 months.
In that case you need to select rhododendrons.
Select them on bloomtime.
Create borders/beds where colors are combined
So we need some indication of the duration of bloomtime, and the overlap relative to other rhododendrons.
That is exactly what has.
Thanks to the many volunteers who have administrated their rhododendrons.
You can contribute as well.
Create on this website your 'My garden' and register bloomtime.

The results of all the volunteers-work is in the Bloomtime-table below.
Bloomtime Table
(under construction)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________     Project started 03 June 2009