Rhododendron hybridisers:

Reuthe, G. Ltd, Ightham, Kent, England


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#Cultivars/hybrids of   Reuthe, G. Ltd   ordered by   name   yearReg.
1Babylon   Click to see more information

(R. calophytum var calophytum x R. praevernum) (r.)
2Bernard Shaw   Click to see more information

  Bernard Shaw
(R. calophytum var calophytum x 'Pink Pearl') (r.)
3Betelgeuse (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
4Daphne Jewiss   Click to see more information

  Daphne Jewiss
(R. oreotrephes x R. davidsonianum) (r.)
5Dichrofab (info) (? x ?) (r.)1940y
6Elisabethae (info) (R. falconeri ssp falconeri x 'Elsae Group') (r.)1926y
7Elsae (info) (R. grande x R. falconeri ssp falconeri) (r.)1925y
8Fabos Group (info) ('Arthur Osborn' x 'Fabia Group') (r.)1952y
9Grandiflorum (info) (selection from x R. thomsonii ssp thomsonii) (r.)1909y
10Ice Maiden (info) (R. decorum ssp decorum x ?) (r.)1990y
11Ightham (info) (R. augustinii ssp augustinii x R. fastigiatum) (r.)1952y
12Ightham Peach (info) (R. dichroanthum ssp dichroanthum x ?) (r.)1988y
13Ightham Pink (info) (? x ?) (r.)1990y
14Ightham Purple   Click to see more information

  Ightham Purple
(R. ponticum x ?) (r.)
15Ightham White (info) (? x ?) (r.)1988y
16Ightham Yellow   Click to see more information

  Ightham Yellow
(R. decorum ssp decorum x R. wardii var wardii) (r.)
17Loderi Titan (info) (R. fortunei ssp fortunei x R. griffithianum) (r.)1958y
18Mrs Reuthe (info) (? x ?) (r.)1958y
19Pematit Cambridge (info) (R. pemakoense x 'Blue Tit Group') (r.)1981y
20Pematit Oxford (info) (R. pemakoense x 'Blue Tit Group') (r.)1960y
21Pettychaps (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
22Pleiades Group (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
23Popocatepetl (info) ('Elizabeth Group' x 'Compactum Multiflorum') (r.)1950y
24Princess Anne   Click to see more information

  Princess Anne
(R. keiskei x R. hanceanum) (r.)
25Pyrex (info) (R. facetum x R. haematodes ssp haematodes) (r.)1945y
26Snow Mountain (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
27Sonata   Click to see more information

('Purple Splendour' x R. dichroanthum ssp dichroanthum) (r.)
28Talleyrand (info) ('G.A. Sims' x 'Tally Ho Group') (r.)1945y
29Tiger (info) (R. dichroanthum ssp dichroanthum x 'Cremorne Group') (r.)1970y

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