Rhododendron hybridisers:

Guttormsen, W.L., Greenwood Gardens, Canby, Oregon, USA


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#Cultivars/hybrids of   Guttormsen, W.L.   ordered by   name   yearReg.
1Annette (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
2Baby Rosebud (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Springtime') (a.)1975y
3Bewitched (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
4Bolero (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
5Caliente (info) ('Addy Wery' x 'Salmon Elf') (a.)1970y
6Calusa (info) ('Helen Close' x 'Purple Splendor') (a.)1969y
7Can Can (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
8Cantico (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
9Capri (info) ('Louise Gable' x 'Helen Close') (a.)1969y
10Chiffon (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
11Cotton Top (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
12Cottontail (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Satanta') (a.)1975y
13Cover Girl (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
14Crimson Crest   Click to see more information

  Crimson Crest
('Louise Gable x Ward's Ruby' x 'James Gable') (a.)
15Crystal (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
16Deep Purple (info) ('Violaceum' x 'Purple Splendor') (a.)1967y
17Dolores (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
18Dorian (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
19Estrellita   Click to see more information

('Louise Gable' x 'Helen Close') (a.)
20Fire Chief (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
21Frolic (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
22Genie Magic (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
23Greenwood Cherry (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Hahn's Red') (a.)1975y
24Greenwood Diablo (info) ('Albert-Elisabeth' x 'Hino-crimson') (a.)1987y
25Greenwood Jackpot (info) ('Maria Elena' x 'Linda Jean') (a.)1975y
26Greenwood Lace (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Satanta') (a.)1985y
27Greenwood Orange (info) ('Louise Gable' x 'Ward's Ruby') (a.)1969y
28Greenwood Orchid (info) ('Helen Close' x 'Purple Splendor') (a.)1969y
29Greenwood Pink (info) ('Louise Gable' x 'Helen Close') (a.)1969y
30Greenwood Pink Sport (info) (? x ?) (a.)1985y
31Greenwood Popcorn (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Springtime') (a.)1975y
32Greenwood Rose Queen (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
33Greenwood Rosebud (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Hahn's Red') (a.)1975y
34Greenwood Rosy-Red (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
35Greenwood Showboat (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
36Greenwood White (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
37Greenwood Yukon (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
38Halo (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
39Hardy Hexe (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
40Jan (info) ('Helen Close' x 'Purple Splendor') (a.)1966y
41June (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
42Kachina (info) ('Rose Greeley' x 'Ward's Ruby') (a.)1969y
43Maria Elena   Click to see more information

  Maria Elena
('Louise Gable' x 'Helen Close') (a.)
44Mary Allen (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Springtime') (a.)1975y
45Paleface (info) ('Helen Close' x 'Madrigal') (a.)1966y
46Paluna (info) ('Helen Close' x 'Purple Splendor') (a.)1969y
47Pawnee (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
48Pink Annette (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
49Pink Lace (info) (? x ?) (a.)1966y
50Pollyanna (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
51Red Beauty (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
52Red Blaze (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
53Rim Fire   Click to see more information

  Rim Fire
('Louise Gable x Ward's Ruby' x 'James Gable') (a.)
54Rose Parade (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
55Ruth Ticknor (info) (? x ?) (a.)1975y
56Saint Helens (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Satanta') (a.)1982y
57Salishan (info) ('Rose Greeley' x 'Ward's Ruby') (a.)1969y
58Santee (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
59Shawna (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
60Sherry (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
61Show Time (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
62Sleigh Bells (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
63Snow Cloud (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Springtime') (a.)1975y
64Snow Mound (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
65Snow Puff (info) ('Linda Jean' x 'Springtime') (a.)1975y
66Star (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
67Su-Lin (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
68Tamara (info) ('Violaceum' x 'Sundance') (a.)1982y
69Tami (info) ('Boudoir' x 'Rose Greeley') (a.)1982y
70Tenino (info) ('Helen Close' x 'Purple Splendor') (a.)1969y
71Tico Tico (info) ('Helen Close' x 'Purple Splendor') (a.)1969y
72Tina (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
73Trisha (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
74Vera Cook (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
75White Ermine (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
76Winter Hawk (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
77Zig Zag (info) ('Addy Wery' x 'Salmon Elf') (a.)1964y

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