Rhododendron hybridisers:

O'Rourke, H., Burnie, Tasmania, Australia


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#Cultivars/hybrids of   O'Rourke, H.   ordered by   name   yearReg.
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  Above All
('Award' x 'Ayers Rock') (r.)
2Aileen O'Rourke (info) ('Letty Edwards' x 'Odee Wright') (r.)1983y
3All Alight (info) ('The Honourable Jean Marie de Montague' x R. elliottii) (r.)1989y
4Ardent Beau (info) ('Billy Budd' x 'Etta Burrows') (r.)1987y
5Beguiling (info) (R. nuttallii x 'Countess of Haddington') (r.)1995y
6Blazeaway (info) (R. arboreum ssp arboreum x 'Magnum') (r.)1984y
7Blithe Spirit (info) ('Rhonda' x 'Boulter's Robyn') (r.)1987y
8Charismatic (info) ('Lem's Cameo' x 'Golden Star') (r.)1990y
9City of Burnie (info) ('Noyo Chief' x 'Matador Group') (r.)1980y
10Dark Jewel (info) ('Fireman Jeff' x 'Gill's Crimson') (r.)1999y
11Donvale Gold (info) ('California Gold' x 'Joy Ridge') (r.)1992y
12Glowing (info) (? x ?) (r.)1994y
13Golden Promise (info) ('Golden Wit' x R. irroratum ssp irroratum) (r.)1991y
14Golden Sovereign (info) ('Prelude' x 'Ostbo's Low Yellow') (r.)1988y
15Highborn (info) (R. nuttallii x 'Alf Bramley') (r.)1990y
16Innocent Air (info) ('johnstoneanum x Chrysomanicum Group' x 'Pink Silk') (r.)1994y
17Joan O'Rourke (info) ('Lem's Cameo' x 'Roza Stevenson') (r.)1985y
18Just Beautiful (info) ('Colehurst' x 'Puget Sound') (r.)1985y
19King's Lady (info) ('Jalisco Group' x 'Mrs P.D. Williams') (r.)1991y
20Live Embers (info) ('The Honourable Jean Marie de Montague' x R. elliottii) (r.)1980y
21Pure Fire (info) ('Anna' x 'Antonio Group') (r.)1988y
22Queen of All (info) ('Countess of Athlone' x 'Susan') (r.)1989y
23Radiant Beauty (info) ('Coronation Day' x 'Ruby Bowman') (r.)1990y
24Red Lord (info) (R. arboreum ssp arboreum x 'Bernard Gill') (r.)1989y
25Regality (info) ('Calstocker Group' x 'Irene Stead') (r.)1989y
26Royal Fusilier (info) ('Noyo Chief' x R. elliottii) (r.)1982y
27Royal Treasure (info) ('Kubla Khan' x 'Ayers Rock') (r.)1985y
28So Chic (info) ('College Pink' x 'Dido Group') (r.)1985y
29Something Royal (info) (? x ?) (r.)1988y
30Striking (info) ('Calstocker Group' x 'Auguste van Geert') (r.)1989y
31Sweet Peace (info) ('The Master' x R. wardii var wardii) (r.)1989y
32Sweet Persuasion (info) (R. johnstoneanum x 'Chrysomanicum Group') (r.)1985y
33The Duchess (info) ('Trude Webster' x 'Grand Slam') (r.)1986y
34Touch of Magic (info) (R. aberconwayi x 'Coronation Day') (r.)1994y
35Wonderlight (info) ('Van Nes Sensation' x 'Queen Souriya') (r.)1988y

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