Rhododendron hybridisers:

Vines,R.C., Amelia Island, Florida, USA


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#Cultivars/hybrids of   Vines,R.C.   ordered by   name   yearReg.
1Adriatic (info) ('Dancing Butterfly' x 'Girard's Hot Shot') (a.)1997y
2Afternoon Delight (info) ('Crimson Queen' x 'Eiko') (a.)1997y
3Brocade Pillow   Click to see more information

  Brocade Pillow
('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)
4Dawn Elizabeth (info) ('Glacier' x 'Roehr's Peggy Ann') (a.)1997y
5Delta Queen (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
6Dick West   Click to see more information

  Dick West
(? x ?) (a.)
7Disco Dancer (info) ('Ungetsu-no-hikari' x 'Dorothy Clark') (a.)1997y
8First Lady (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
9Holly Springs Amaretto (info) ('Vespers' x 'Copperman') (a.)1990y
10Holly Springs Astronaut   Click to see more information

  Holly Springs Astronaut
('Amagasa' x 'Sekai-no-hikari') (a.)
11Holly Springs Cotton Candy   Click to see more information

  Holly Springs Cotton Candy
('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)
12Holly Springs Crimson Queen (info) (? x ?) (a.)1989y
13Holly Springs Dolly (info) ('Getsutoku' x ?) (a.)1981y
14Holly Springs Double Delight (info) ('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)1984y
15Holly Springs Doubloon (info) ('Robin Hill Frosty' x 'Easter Parade') (a.)1984y
16Holly Springs First Love (info) ('Elsie Lee' x ?) (a.)1978y
17Holly Springs Flapper (info) ('Shinnyo-no-hikari' x 'Festive') (a.)1985y
18Holly Springs Gemini (info) ('Ungetsu-no-hikari' x 'Dorothy Clark') (a.)1985y
19Holly Springs Irish Cream (info) ('George Lindley Taber' x 'Janet Rhea') (a.)1990y
20Holly Springs Kaleidoscope (info) ('Kotobuki-hime' x 'Holly Springs Crimson Queen') (a.)1985y
21Holly Springs Lady Godiva (info) ('Martha Hitchcock' x 'Shimmer') (a.)1985y
22Holly Springs Nanna (info) (? x 'Janet Rhea') (a.)1986y
23Holly Springs Neptune (info) ('Kobold' x 'Kobold') (a.)1984y
24Holly Springs Nymph (info) ('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)1984y
25Holly Springs Peppermint Stick (info) ('Sarabande' x 'Gorgeous') (a.)1984y
26Holly Springs Pink Parfait (info) ('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)1984y
27Holly Springs Purple Passion (info) ('Magnificum' x 'Fashion') (a.)1984y
28Holly Springs Redskins (info) ('Amagasa' x 'Martha Hitchcock') (a.)1984y
29Holly Springs Renaissance (info) ('Achiever' x 'Winedrop') (a.)1984y
30Holly Springs Saturn (info) ('Kotobuki-hime' x 'Crimson Queen') (a.)1985y
31Holly Springs Shamrock (info) ('Robin Hill Frosty' x 'Easter Parade') (a.)1984y
32Holly Springs Shenandoah (info) ('Girard's Hot Shot' x 'Gloria Kessel') (a.)1984y
33Holly Springs Springfield (info) ('Robin Hill Frosty' x 'Easter Parade') (a.)1984y
34Hollysprings Sultry (info) ('Kobold' x 'Kobold') (a.)1984y
35Homecoming (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
36Irish Cream (info) ('George Lindley Taber' x 'Janet Rhea') (a.)1990y
37Jeffery Alan (info) ('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)1997y
38Jill McDowell (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
39Jim Baggette (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
40Kaleidoscope (info) ('Kotobuki-hime' x 'Crimson Queen') (a.)1990y
41Lady Godiva (info) ('Martha Hitchcock' x 'Shimmer') (a.)1990y
42Lady Lauren (info) (? x 'Janet Rhea') (a.)1997y
43Maggie McGee (info) ('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)1990y
44Morgan Anne (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
45Nancy Stipa (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
46Naughty Lady (info) ('Achievement' x 'Winedrop') (a.)1997y
47Nocturnal Bliss (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
48Nymph (info) ('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)1990y
49Obsession (info) ('Vespers' x 'Copperman') (a.)1990y
50Painted Lips (info) ('Kami-no-yama-kirin' x 'Dorothy Clark') (a.)1995y
51Peggy Vines (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
52Pete's Purple (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
53Pink Persuasion (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
54Poignant (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
55Purple Magic (info) ('Achievement' x 'Winedrop') (a.)1997y
56Raspberry Rapture (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
57Rebecca Lynn (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
58Sabra (info) ('Kobold' x 'Kobold') (a.)1990y
59Saint Moritz (info) ('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)1977y
60Scarlet Princess (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
61Shamrock (info) ('Robin Hill Frosty' x 'Easter Parade') (a.)1990y
62Shanghai Suzie (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
63Stormy (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
64Tiffany (info) ('Nancy of Robinhill' x 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki') (a.)1990y
65Twinkle Toes (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
66Virginia Vines (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
67Whipped Cream (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
68White Peacock (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
69Winter Wine (info) (? x ?) (a.)y
70Zodiac (info) ('Shiryu-no-homare' x ?) (a.)1997y

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