Rhododendron hybridisers:

Davies, I, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England


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#Cultivars/hybrids of   Davies, I   ordered by   name   yearReg.
1Adam Bede (info) (? x ?) (r.)1893y
2Afghan Chief (info) (? x ?) (r.)1884y
3Avalanche (info) (? x ?) (a.)1898y
4Beauty of Ormskirk (info) (? x ?) (r.)1868y
5Blue Beard (info) (? x ?) (r.)1890y
6Charles Kingsley (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
7Claribel (info) (? x ?) (r.)1896y
8Countess of Lathom (info) (? x ?) (r.)1896y
9Daviesii (info) (R. retusum var retusum x R. javanicum ssp javanicum) (v.)1891y
10Daviesii   Click to see more information

(R. viscosum x R. molle ssp molle) (a.)
11Elegantissimum (info) (? x ?) (az.)1898y
12Flower of May (info) (? x ?) (r.)1884y
13General Graham (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
14Kepler (info) (? x ?) (r.)1896y
15Lady Skelmersdale (info) ('Multiflorum' x R. edgeworthii) (r.)1879y
16Milton (info) (? x ?) (r.)1865y
17Multiflorum (info) (R. ciliatum x R. virgatum ssp virgatum) (r.)1868y
18Oliver Cromwell (info) (? x ?) (r.)1884y
19Omniflorum (info) ('Multiflorum' x ?) (r.)1898y
20Praecox   Click to see more information

(R. ciliatum x R. dauricum) (r.)
21Queen of Dwarfs (info) ('Multiflorum' x ?) (r.)1898y
22Robert Cobden (info) (? x ?) (r.)1896y
23Rosalind (info) (? x ?) (r.)1896y
24Rosy Bell (info) (R. ciliatum x R. glaucophyllum var glaucophyllum) (r.)1894y
25Stanley Davies   Click to see more information

  Stanley Davies
(? x ?) (r.)
26William Davies (info) (? x ?) (r.)y

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