Rhododendron hybridisers:

Whitman, M.J., Wall, NJ, USA


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#Cultivars/hybrids of   Whitman, M.J.   ordered by   name   yearReg.
1Adeline Allison (info) ('Wheatley' x 'Kimberly') (r.)1989y
2All Stars (info) ('Holden' x 'Skookum') (r.)1996y
3Almost Kissed (info) ('Yaku Sunrise' x 'War Dance') (r.)1994y
4Angel's Breath (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
5Carol Ann Whitman (info) ('Wheatley' x 'Kimberly') (r.)1989y
6Carolina Babe (info) ('Gladsgay Gardens' x 'Governor's Mansion') (r.)1995y
7Carolina Dreamgirl (info) ('Gladsgay Gardens' x 'Governor's Mansion') (r.)1995y
8Cutie Pie (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
9Dragon Blood (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
10Early Star (info) ('Vossberg No 2' x 'Vossberg No 2') (r.)1991y
11Giggles   Click to see more information

('Scintillation' x 'Double Eagle') (r.)
12Green-eyed Ghost (info) ('Catawbiense Album' x 'White Gold') (r.)1995y
13Hokus Pokus (info) ('Scintillation' x 'Double Eagle') (r.)1997y
14Hot Ticket (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
15Island Canoe (info) (? x ?) (r.)1994y
16Island Echoes (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
17Island Fire (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
18Island Song (info) ('Arthur Bedford' x 'War Dance') (r.)1993y
19Jungle Star (info) ('Blue Peter' x 'White Gold') (r.)1991y
20Lavender Halo (info) ('Vossberg No 2' x 'Vossberg No 2') (r.)1991y
21Naughty Pink (info) ('Vulcan's Flame' x 'Kimberly') (r.)1990y
22Pink Star Shell (info) (? x ?) (r.)1993y
23Pink, Pink, Pink (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
24Raging Bull (info) ('Fantastica' x 'The Honourable Jean Marie de Montague') (r.)1994y
25Spiked Punch (info) ('Holden' x 'Shaazam') (r.)1996y
26Star Struck (info) ('Nova Zembla' x 'Jungle Star') (r.)1998y
27Timeless Pink (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
28Violet Vamp (info) ('Vossberg No 2' x 'Vossberg No 2') (r.)1990y
29White Ice (info) (? x ?) (r.)y

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