Rhododendron hybridisers:

Schick, P., ,


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#Cultivars/hybrids of   Schick, P.   ordered by   name   yearReg.
1Cakes and Ale (info) ('laetum x Golden Gate' x 'zoelleri x leucogigas') (v.)1987y
2Hansa Bay (info) (R. laetum x 'Golden Gate') (v.)1980y
3Lake Habbema (info) (R. gardenia x 'konori var phaeopeplum x viriosum X zoelleri') (v.)1980y
4Lake Wissel (info) ('Doctor Hermann Sleumer' x R. herzogii) (v.)1985y
5Lana's Gold (info) ('christianae x laetum' x 'laetum x Golden Gate') (v.)1989y

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