Rhododendron hybridisers:

Hinerman, D.L., Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


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#Cultivars/hybrids of   Hinerman, D.L.   ordered by   name   yearReg.
1Bold and Breezy (info) (R. brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii x R. eclecteum var eclecteum) (r.)1992y
2Chatterbee   Click to see more information

('Ben Moseley' x 'Besse Howells') (r.)
3Delp's Excellence (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
4Delp's Pink Champagne (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
5Distincto (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
6Indian River (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
7Jane Stenning (info) ('Calsap' x 'Besse Howells') (r.)1986y
8Keen Machine (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
9Marjie Kay Hinerman (info) (? x ?) (r.)y
10New Elegance (info) ('Lodestar' x 'Rona Pink') (r.)1975y
11No Way (info) ('Boule de Neige' x 'flavidum x Lady Rosebery Group') (r.)1992y
12Ronald Otto Delp   Click to see more information

  Ronald Otto Delp
('Lodestar' x 'Mary Belle') (r.)
13Sublime (info) ('Ben Moseley' x 'Besse Howells') (r.)1975y
14Winning One (info) (? x ?) (r.)y

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