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Rhododendron 'Chatterbee'

Hybridiser:Hinerman, D.L.. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, 1970 (see more plants of this hybridizer)
Status:IRRC registered.
Synonyms:'Chatterbee No 1'
'Chatterbee No 2'
The figures listed here are averages.

The exact location (altitude, sunlight, soil, climate) can influence growth considerably
in 10 years
120 cm. (4ft.)
Bloom time:late midseasonFlower:saucer-shaped
H0 = 0 C (32 F)
H1 = -7 C (20 F)
H2 = -12 C (10 F)
H3 = -15 C (5 F)
H4 = -18 C (0 F)
H5 = -24 C (-10 F)

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X'Besse Howells'   Click to see more information

?x? R. catawbiense   Click to see more information

x'Boule de Neige'   Click to see more information

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Rhododendron 'Chatterbee' photos

Photo of Chatterbee No 1, from ARS plants for members as a seedling in 2006.
Photo byPeter Norris
Locationprivate garden Martha
Date19 May, 2011
Is this No 1, No 2, or just Chatterbee?
Photo byJack & Jackie Looye
LocationRhodo Land Nursery, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario Canada
Date17 May, 2008

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