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Rhododendron 'Noyo Brave'

Hybridiser:Smith, C.C. (Cecil). Newberg, Oregon, USA, 1963 (see more plants of this hybridizer)
Status:IRRC registered.
The figures listed here are averages.

The exact location (altitude, sunlight, soil, climate) can influence growth considerably
in 10 years
100 cm. (3ft.)
Bloom time:early midseasonFlower:openly campanulate
Bloom time duration:32
Bloom time duration 'Noyo Brave'

Observation based on 2 plants,
growing in 1 'My-gardens'.

Exact= 32 days.
H0 = 0 C (32 F)
H1 = -7 C (20 F)
H2 = -12 C (10 F)
H3 = -15 C (5 F)
H4 = -18 C (0 F)
H5 = -24 C (-10 F)

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on hirstum.info: 11
R. Noyo Brave per country:
(could be a clue for heat/cold-tolerance)

Canada : 6
United States : 5

R. arboreum ssp nilagiricum 'Noyo Chief'   Click to see more information

XR. degronianum ssp yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada'   Click to see more information

Rhododendron 'Noyo Brave' photos

Photo byCarl Adam Lehmann
LocationGlynneden Gardens, Greenbank, Washington, USA
Date27 April, 2009
Photo byGarth Wedemire
LocationMike Bale's Garden: Lu Zhu, Agassiz, BC, Canada
Date20 April, 2006
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Photo byDon S. Wallace
LocationSinging Tree Gardens, McKinleyville, CA , USA
Photo byGarth Wedemire
Locationprivate garden Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Date01 May, 2008
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Parentage according the IRRC of the Royal Horticultural Society
Involved in other cultivars:Hybridiser
'Belvas Joy'   Click to see more information

  Belvas Joy
'Noyo Brave' x 'Elizabeth Group'Smith, C.C. (Cecil), 1982
'Chemainus'   Click to see more information

'Noyo Brave' x 'C.I.S. x rex X Hansel'Fujioka, Frank, 1985
'Helen Deehr'   Click to see more information

  Helen Deehr
'Unknown Warrior' x 'Noyo Brave'Moynier, W.A., 1981
'Lady Diana Spencer''Noyo Brave' x R. arboreum ssp cinnamomeumWorkman, Y., 1988
'Noyo Brave x Fragrant Red'   Click to see more information

  Noyo Brave x Fragrant Red
'Noyo Brave' x 'Fragrant Red'Watson, E.M. Mrs. (Elsie)
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