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R. x agastum

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R. agastum is a natural hybrid; seed x pollen=
R. irroratum ssp irroratum x R. arboreum ssp delavayi var delavayi

In cultivation since: ?

First described: (Balf.f.
Isaac Bayley Balfour
Scotland, Edinburgh
Botanical-short: Balf.f.
& W.W.Sm.
William Wright Smith
Scotland, UK
Botanical-short: W.W.Sm.

Origin: W. Yunnan, E. Guizhou 1900-2500 meter

Corolla: unknown
Leaves: elliptic to lanceolate

Habit: terrestrial
epiphytic = living on dead organic material (decaying trees f.i)
terrestrial = in soil (like in your garden)

Winter: evergreen
Bloomtime: early midseason
Hardiness: H3
H0 = 0 C (32 F)
H1 = -7 C (20 F)
H2 = -12 C (10 F)
H3 = -15 C (5 F)
H4 = -18 C (0 F)
H5 = -24 C (-10 F)

Predominant color: white

The figures listed here are the observed size in the natural environment.

The exact location (altitude, sunlight, soil, climate) can influence growth considerably
: 400 cm. (13ft.)

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on hirstum.info: 21
R. agastum per country:
(could be a clue for heat/cold-tolerance)

Netherlands : 18
United States : 2
France : 1

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Rhododendron agastum
Photo byHerman Van Ree
Date05 May, 2010
LocationRoyal Windsor Great Park, Valley, Berkshire, UK
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Rhododendron agastum
Photo byGarth Wedemire
Date15 April, 2008
LocationMike Bales Garden: Lu Zhu, Agassiz, BC, Canada
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Rhododendron agastum
Photo byDidier Willery
Date15 May, 2012
LocationLe jardin du Vasterival
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Rhododendron agastum
Young plant from seeds collected in Jin Po, Guizhou (China) (2008)
Photo byHerman Van Ree
Date21 November, 2009
LocationNunspeet, Netherlands

Extra information:

There is a lot of discussion about this natural hybrid.
Scientific publications say it is a R. irroratum x R. delavayi.
Others say that is is a natural hybrid between R. decorum x R. delavayi.
The seeds collected for the above plant where collected in a population where R. decorum and R. delavayi where omnipresent,
and R. irroratum was rarely seen.

(see also this article)
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