Taxonomy of genus Rhododendron

AzaleastrumAzaleastrum show all 12
AzaleastrumChoniastrum show all 21
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arboreum f album
arboreum f. roseum

arboreum Kingianum Group

arboreum ssp arboreum

arboreum ssp cinnamomeum

arboreum ssp cinnamomeum var cinnamomeum

arboreum ssp cinnamomeum var roseum

arboreum ssp delavayi

arboreum ssp delavayi var albomentosum
arboreum ssp delavayi var delavayi
arboreum ssp delavayi var peramoenum
arboreum ssp nilagiricum
arboreum ssp zeylanicum
delavayi var adenostylum



Sir Charles Lemon

HymenanthesPonticaArgyrophylla show all 27
HymenanthesPonticaAuriculata show all 2
HymenanthesPonticaBarbata show all 5
HymenanthesPonticaCampanulata show all 5
HymenanthesPonticaCampylocarpa show all 10
HymenanthesPonticaFalconera show all 16
HymenanthesPonticaFortunea show all 43
HymenanthesPonticaFulgensia show all 1
HymenanthesPonticaFulva show all 4
HymenanthesPonticaGlischra show all 11
HymenanthesPonticaGrandia show all 16
HymenanthesPonticaGriersoniana show all 1
HymenanthesPonticaIrrorata show all 31
HymenanthesPonticaLanata show all 7
HymenanthesPonticaMaculifera show all 16
HymenanthesPonticaNeriiflora show all 47
HymenanthesPonticaParishia show all 5
HymenanthesPonticaPontica show all 21
HymenanthesPonticaSelensia show all 11
HymenanthesPonticaTaliensia show all 74
HymenanthesPonticaThomsonia show all 18
HymenanthesPonticaVenatora show all 1
HymenanthesPonticaWilliamsiana show all 2
Mumeazalea show all 1
PentantheraPentantheraPentanthera show all 21
PentantheraPentantheraSinensia show all 3
PentantheraRhodora show all 2
PentantheraSciadorhodion show all 5
PentantheraViscidula show all 1
RhododendronDiscovireya show all 40
RhododendronPogonanthum show all 28
RhododendronPseudovireya show all 14
RhododendronRhododendronAfghanica show all 1
RhododendronRhododendronBaileya show all 1
RhododendronRhododendronBoothia show all 8
RhododendronRhododendronCamelliiflora show all 1
RhododendronRhododendronCampylogyna show all 3
RhododendronRhododendronCinnabarina show all 13
RhododendronRhododendronEdgeworthia show all 3
RhododendronRhododendronFragariflora show all 1
RhododendronRhododendronGenestieriana show all 1
RhododendronRhododendronGlauca show all 10
RhododendronRhododendronHeliolepida show all 11
RhododendronRhododendronLapponica show all 53
RhododendronRhododendronLedum show all 9
RhododendronRhododendronLepidota show all 3
RhododendronRhododendronMaddenia show all 61
RhododendronRhododendronMicrantha show all 3
RhododendronRhododendronMonantha show all 4
RhododendronRhododendronMoupinensia show all 3
RhododendronRhododendronRhododendron show all 4
RhododendronRhododendronRhodorastra show all 8
RhododendronRhododendronSaluenensia show all 9
RhododendronRhododendronScabrifolia show all 8
RhododendronRhododendronTephroplepa show all 7
RhododendronRhododendronTrichoclada show all 8
RhododendronRhododendronTriflora show all 40
RhododendronRhododendronUniflora show all 6
RhododendronRhododendronVirgata show all 2
RhododendronVireyaEuvireya show all 323
RhododendronVireyaMalayovireya show all 21
Therorhodion show all 3
TsutsusiBrachycalyx show all 29
TsutsusiTsutsusi show all 99
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