Vireya Hybrids


La-de-daMore information.
Lab Retreiver Webster
Lab Retriever WebsterMore information.
Lady ClareMore information.
Lady DiMore information.
laetum x aurigeranumMore information.
laetum x Doctor Hermann SleumerMore information.
laetum x Golden GateMore information.
laetum x gracilentumMore information.
laetum x konori var phaeoplepumMore information.
laetum x leucogigasMore information.
laetum x leucogigas X konori var phaeopeplumMore information.
laetum x macgregoriaeMore information.
laetum X macgregoriae x aurigeranumMore information.
laetum X viriosum x macgregoriaeMore information.
laetum x zoelleriMore information.
laetum X zoelleri x polyanthemumMore information.
Lake AmaruMore information.
Lake HabbemaMore information.
Lake TobaMore information.
Lake WisselMore information.
Lana's GoldMore information.
LarissaMore information.
LatonaMore information.
Laura KateMore information.
Lava Fountain

Lava Glow

Hybridizer: unknown

More information and pictures

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LawrenceMore information.
LazarusMore information.
Lemon LightMore information.
Lemon LovelyMore information.

Lemon Minuet

Hybridizer: Snell, G.L.S.

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Leon BloyMore information.
Leonore FrancesMore information.
leucogicas x laetum X javanicumMore information.
leucogicas X laetum x leucogigasMore information.
leucogicas x laetum X zoelleriMore information.
leucogigas x jasminiflorumMore information.
leucogigas x konoriMore information.
leucogigas x laetumMore information.
leucogigas X leucogigas x laetumMore information.
leucogigas x viriosumMore information.
leucogigas x zoelleriMore information.
leucogigas x zoelleri X laetum x zoelleriMore information.
Liberty BarMore information.
Life's Good
LilinoeMore information.
LipstickMore information.
Little BeautyMore information.
Little Bo PeepMore information.
Little Duchess
Little GingerMore information.
Little Grace
Little KissesMore information.
Little Maneau Ra

Little Maria

Hybridizer: Sullivan, P.

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Little NellMore information.

Little One

Hybridizer: Clancy, B.

More information and pictures

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Little PinkieMore information.
Little RosieMore information.
Littlest AngelMore information.
lochiae x jasminiflorumMore information.
lochiae x macgregoriaeMore information.
LochminMore information.
Lois KruppaMore information.
Lolly WillowsMore information.
LomacMore information.
Lord WolseleyMore information.
Lou SearleMore information.
LoveyMore information.

Lucie Sorensen

Hybridizer: Rouse, J.L.

More information and pictures

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Lucifer's BlushMore information.
LullabyMore information.
LuteoroseumMore information.
Lydia Ellen


Vireya Hybrids     10-year Project started 03 June 2009