Unknown un-identified Rhododendron nr.53


LocationWestport Point, Massachusetts, USA
Date photo2012-03-26
Year planted1993
Extra infoFlower has a light pleasant fragrance
Note that this bloomed early--at the same time as R. sutchuenense and R. callophytum in the same garden. Flower has a light fragrance. (Frederick Thurber)

Just looking at the flower, yes, it could be any number of Taliensa, but you also have to look at the context.
The original post from Herman van Ree also included  a picture of the plant and the location of the owner.
Armed with that information, I ruled out Taliensa as the likely source of that picture.
I concluded it was likely a Maculifera,  and morii looked like the best match to me,(Werner Brack)

One other note: this plant is from the estate of Powell Huie.  
At one point he had the best species collection in the East.  
He was scrupulous about labels, but he labeled this plant as \"Rh. Unknown\".

-  The blotch and longish internodal growth are reminiscent of 'Beauty of Littleworth'.

- Wrong.  I can send pictures that prove that. (H. Greer)

- This might be R. morii (Werner Brack)

- Good guess, but: R. morii's leaves are more lanceolate, or not? (Herman van Ree)

- I thought it was \'Beauty of Littleworth\' also but the leaves are glaborous while \'Beauty of Littleworth\'\'s leaves are suppose to be bronze underneath. (Frederick Thurber)

-I don\'t know how to verbalize this, but this plant just does not \"feel\" like a species.  It seems very much like a hybrid.  (Frederick Thurber)

- Can it be R. oreodoxa  (early blooming, little fragrance, lobes) (Leon Teeven)

- It shows many characteristics of the highly variable irroratum:
the very early flowering, the tubular-campanulate flowers with the faint spotting and also the foliage.

-The climate is too warm for irroratum at this location.  
Interesting suggestion though.  
CJ Patterson thought it might be a Pilkington (P-160) but I have not been able to find pictures of this Pilkington. (Frederick Thurber)

- Werner, It was your R. morii that looks like Taliensa for me, 
not the plant-photo (not a R. oreodoxa, have 6-7 lobes) (Hans Eiberg)

-Early, the growth buds especially and speckling in the throat make me feel it must be a R. sutchuenense or perhaps a hybrid of it.
Very like a Leonardslee \"sutch\" as in my photos Herman has posted. It\'s the pattern of the bud scales here.
(Everard Daniel)

-R. oreodoxa is a good guess; the flowers are similar, but this mystery plant does not have the rounded foliage of oreodoxa.
(Frederick Thurber)

-Mr Daniel, this mystery plant is a dead ringer for some of the sutchuenense pictures that you have submitted to Hirsutum 
and it was flowering at the same time as RSBG sutchuenense in the same garden so I am OK with calling it such,
 but I am a little concerned about the shape of the foliage since it does not seem typical. 
Will it pass pass the Ken Cox test? I will try to post pictures of the seedpods soon if anyone thinks that will help.

Can this be P.M.A. Tigerstedt?  (Nancy Patchell)

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