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This page gives an overview of all rhododendrons in all "My garden"s that visitors have registered in the database.

In My Garden visitors of this website can administrate their rhododendrons.
This takes only a few minutes.

In return you will get your own webpage (with login) with details about your plants: hybridizer, year of discovery, synonyms, hardiness zone, maximal height and so on.

The only thing you need to enter is email-address and country.

So please add your plants to the following list:

Photo: Everard Daniel
Rock Garden Leonardslee Loder Plants, Sussex UK

Public Gardens registered at hirsutum.info (view or visit)
Huize SandbergenNunspeet, NetherlandsPre-view
Japanese Azalea Gelderland, NetherlandsOpen for publicPre-view
artja, NetherlandsPre-view
Garden-46 ChinookLunteren, NetherlandsPre-view
de HeestDiepenveen, NetherlandsPre-view
Plantentuin Esveld, NetherlandsPre-view
Garden-276, GermanyPre-view
sauerlandEllerinhhauaen-Olsberg, GermanyPre-view
Garden-429, GermanyPre-view
Domaine de Trvarez, FrancePre-view
Plantes acidophiles,Jardin des Korrigans, SCAER, France, FrancePre-view
Le Vasterival, FrancePre-view
Jardin Jungle Karlostachys, FrancePre-view
Le jardin d'Er Lann, FrancePre-view
OtterheadSchiedam, EnglandPre-view
Furzey Gardens, EnglandPre-view
Birks Clough Guest House birksclough@yahoo, EnglandPre-view
Otterhead, Somerset, EnglandPre-view
Gargunnock House Gardens, ScotlandPre-view
O Fortuna, Massachusetts, United StatesPre-view
rmurcott, New York, United StatesPre-view
Paradise, Washington, United StatesPre-view
private garden, Washington, United StatesPre-view
Garden-295, Michigan, United StatesPre-view
Christina's Garden, New York, United StatesPre-view
Garden-303, North Carolina, United StatesPre-view
Neverdun Garden, Washington, United StatesPre-view
Elsie, Washington, United StatesPre-view
PipingTreeGardens, Virginia, United StatesPre-view
Forest Lane, Fort Bragg, CA, California, United StatesPre-view
Bainbridge Rhodie Ring, Washington, United StatesPre-view
Eden Acres, North Carolina, United StatesPre-view
PJ, New Hampshire, United StatesPre-view
Port Angeles Rhododendrons, Washington, United StatesPre-view
Ideal Gardens, Johnstown, Pa.Johnstone, Pennsylvania, United StatesOpen for publicPre-view
Norcal east bay (inland valley), hot and dry zone 9b, California, United StatesPre-view
Dons Garden, California, United StatesPre-view
Sheepscot River garden, Maine, United StatesPre-view
Smith Garden, Washington, United StatesPre-view
Keyhole Gardens, Washington, United StatesPre-view
Cisco Heights National Forest, Arlington WA, Snohomish County., Washington, United StatesPre-view
Habergs, Michigan, United StatesPre-view
Geyfriars Cottage, North Carolina, United StatesPre-view
Musselburgh, Dunedin, New Zealand (est. 1920), New ZealandPre-view
Textures Layers and Colours TLC Garden, New ZealandPre-view
Blackwood Ridge, Victoria, AustraliaPre-view
Garden Fabriksgatan 36 Sjbo, SwedenPre-view
Villa MonkValley, SwedenPre-view
Garden in Tower near Blarney, County Cork, IrelandPre-view
G1997, PolandPre-view
Lushan Botanic Garden, ChinaPre-view
Garden-Cranendonck, ChinaPre-view
509Temple, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
sashabeans garden, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
Garden-57 Crescent Garden, CanadaPre-view
MUN Botanical Garden, Newfoundland and Labrador, CanadaPre-view
Seaview, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
Garden-355, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden, Newfoundland and Labrador, CanadaPre-view
Comox Valley Rhododendron GardenCourtenay, British Columbia, CanadaOpen for publicPre-view
Hallsor, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
Islewood, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
B & B by the sea, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
Rocky, Ontario, CanadaPre-view
MoonieLand, Ontario, CanadaPre-view
Glendale GardensVictoria, British Columbia, CanadaOpen for publicPre-view
Clovelly, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
Gorge Waterway, British Columbia, CanadaPre-view
River terrace Hikosan, JapanPre-view
P Hytta, NorwayPre-view
Larsberget, NorwayPre-view
Solbakken, NorwayPre-view
7r011C47Kapellen, ArgentinaPre-view
Nulles Garden, DenmarkPre-view
Mihkel Saar, HansaplantHarjumaa, EstoniaOpen for publicPre-view
Tauralaukis, LithuaniaPre-view

Overview all registered gardens at hirsutum.info
Country # TotalSpeciesRhodo-hybridsAzaleasVireyasAzaleodendronsTotal my-gardens
United States17563081239198116Gardens: 37
Netherlands161142789528638Gardens: 21
Canada12362878796735Gardens: 45
France7303213208905Gardens: 9
Denmark531454552201Gardens: 10
England4551802245100Gardens: 7
Norway339170168100Gardens: 4
Finland3321271693602Gardens: 2
Belgium295491667372Gardens: 8
Estonia282142026601Gardens: 1
Poland24641875500Gardens: 1
Sweden235701155001Gardens: 9
Germany16338883611Gardens: 8
Ireland803635900Gardens: 1
New Zealand77664250Gardens: 6
Wales381024400Gardens: 1
Spain30291901Gardens: 2
Lithuania251411000Gardens: 1
Australia19514000Gardens: 3
Japan18180000Gardens: 1
Scotland945000Gardens: 1
Bulgaria404000Gardens: 1
Argentina110000Gardens: 1
Total unique specimen372364824525792816180
Total # of plants2317689991200920435270180

Especially for some hybrids no one is sure whether they are 'extinct' or not.
Perhaps you have a very rare plant in your garden?
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